Fixing your XBOX 360 Play and Charge Kit

UPDATE: 04/10/2011: There is actually a better way of charging your battery pack I’ve found since I wrote this page and the instructions are simple, but it might take some time to get the charging process kicked off and running – all you need is some patience.

1) Plug the play and charge kit into your controller, the light will glow red.

2) When it turns green, remove the cable from the controller.

3) Plug it back in to the controller.

4) Repeat steps 2 & 3 until the light continues to glow red. This will take roughly 20 times, each time the light will glow red for longer periods of time.

Feel free to use the other methods below if this didn’t work.


Tentative instructions for getting your play and charge kit to start charging again.

Before you start:

It will only start charging when you’ve left the battery pack with a “red light” charge signal. This means when you first plug in the controller, and the light on the cable connection goes red, the signal is saying that it needs to be charged. The problem comes when it thinks it is charged and switches off or to a green colour.

To get the red signal:

1) Plug the charging cable into the xbox, and switch the xbox on without the controller attached to the cable.

2) Plug the controller into the cable, once the dashboard has booted and you’ve signed in.

3) Wait until the cable connection light goes red, and then switch off the controller (hold down the 360 button and select “Turn Off Controller” from the menu).

4) Restart the xbox (or if you live close by to someone else with a 360, turn that console on with a cable plugged in, wait for it to boot to the dashboard, and then attach your controller – the light should stay red).

5) Plug in the controller once the dashboard has booted again.

This might be fiddly and not work every time. It’s a case of trial and error most of the time. I will keep playing about with the procedure, but for the time being this seems to work for me.

Alternative Strategy:

For this strategy to work, you need to have the xbox set to go into low power mode to charge it when you switch it off.

1) Boot up the xbox with the play and charge cable plugged in but no controller attached.

2) After plugging in the controller to the cable, it will for a very short while turn red: when it does this, press the power button on the front of the xbox.

3) Very occassionally, it will stay red, flash green (when the xbox goes into low power mode to charge the controller) and then go back to red until it’s finished charging. The down side to this method is that you can’t play with your xbox whilst it’s in low power mode, and turning the xbox back on resets the charging of the controller.


13 Responses to “Fixing your XBOX 360 Play and Charge Kit”

  1. Thanks for this. Not sure how long ago you wrote this but it’s the only solution that has worked for me. Thanks!

  2. thanks, this works great, i just bought a controller and a plug & play from a friend who sold his xbox for car parts, and the plug and play got this “short” in it 😀

  3. if you plug the usb cable into your computer instead of the xbox, the light stays red!!!

  4. Mine just blinks green for a second, never turns red whatsoever.. What do I do?

  5. None of these methods work

  6. I’m trying to buy a new game for my hubby… what game would you suggest? He likes action games.

  7. mine wont work at all unless i move the cord around but forget it im done with xbox if you want my account email is password qwertyguyi

  8. Is there any steps if u hv a short in your cord

  9. Your are the best, It worked for me after 5 tries!!! 😀

  10. dude. you rock man. got an battery pack for xmas and it didnt wanna charge. obviously no invoice with it so I couldnt return it… tried all the bull on microsoft’s site of cleaning the contacts. what a load of crap.. remove and re-insert the cable about 10 times and there it started charging and staying red.

  11. Hey if you have old Nokia mobile phone model C1 then you can use charger off that to charge your battery for your Xbox 360 recharge battery pack should work I use mine after my USB lead stopped working hope it works for you.

  12. So red is good? Ah, I was worried that it was horrible. Thanks.

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